Brad Trent's Ocean Master Session, Pt. 2

Posted on July 28, 2013 – 09:00 pm

ED. NOTE: This is the final in a series of guest posts, which were so helpful during a very hectic spring. Many thanks to Miller Mobley, Finn O'Hara, John Keatley, Chris Crisman and Brad Trent for the assist. -DH
hen last we left Brad, he was waiting patiently for the pool to fill up. Today, he'll walk through that part of the shoot and the post processing he used to get the final image, seen above.

Sortaa cool, IMO, as this is frequently the "black box" part of these kinds of shoots that usually goes unexplained...
emember the kiddie pool? Well, it was almost 4:00PM and after about 7 hours of filling, it was finally reaching a depth where we could start thinking of throwing Nadia in for a swim.

The idea was to have her floating in ominous, dark, inky water. But it still had to have enough detail so that it wouldn’t come across as just an oily black mess. I had done a shot years ago where I had to do something similar. So using the tricks I learned back then, we went about creating the ocean in a kid’s pool.

irst, we had to line the pool with the heavy black plastic vapor barrier sheeting I got from Home Depot. Next was building a Bargain Basement shooting platform so that I could shoot from directly above where Nadia would be floating. If we had a the money, a real scaffold would be where those two ladders and that board are standing!

nce we had everything heavily sandbagged and tied off (live electricity and water?!!) It was now time for Nadia to get wet and for us to see how the lighting was looking. Initially I thought that keeping it simple with the Beauty Dish as a main light and a 6’ Chimera to act as both fill and create highlights on the water would work.


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I don't actually know

2008-06-17 13:20:31 by Cheshyre

But, IMO, the plastic shell doesn't provide the protection characteristic. the shell just looks good and provides some resistance against punctures through the soft foam.
now, the foam is supposed to crush on impact. as far as i know, BMX/skate helmets are made of denser foam that doesn't totally destruct in one hit, hence the title of "multi-impact". i'm going to guess it comes in handy when your head bounces off the lip of a pool and then slams into the bottom of said pool. road helmets only need to survive one hard hit from a fall.
if you start to bike more seriously (i mean, bike more than 4 miles at a time), i would strongly suggest buying a road or MTB specific helmet

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