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Posted on July 3, 2013 – 00:00

Published on July 3rd, 2013 | by Lisa Tabachnick Hotta


No access to a cottage? No out-of-city vacation planned? Don’t panic! Together Moms is here to help. Here’s our list of creative, cheap and cheerful activities to help make this summer the best one yet.

Be a Detective
Geocaching is a fun, free and family-oriented outdoor activityfor adventurous souls who fancy a treasure hunt with a GPS-enabled device. Dave in Markham, Ont. frequently takes his three children ages two to seven geocaching in his ‘hood.

Most easily accomplished using free software on a smart phone, this give-and-take activity can also be done by hard copy map alone. Visit the Geocaching website, locate caches in your neighbourhood or print a map for hours of treasure-hunting bliss.

Refresh the Day with Water Play
Both kids and adults relish a cool dip on a hot day. If your home or apartment is pool-free, don’t fret; creative water play is available. Sold for as little as $14, consider investing in a plastic toddler pool to set up in a common area, front porch or balcony. Filled with warm water, supervised little ones can splash around for hours using watering cans, beach balls and plastic containers as toys.

Fun add-ons:

  • Blow, chase and pop dollar-store soap bubbles
  • Insert toddler-size plastic slide for a mini water park experience
  • Attach garden hose (if attachment available) to spray water into pool
  • Add flip-flops, fun sunglasses and fruity frothy beverages to pump up the experience

Beach Blanket BBQs & Primo Picnics
Outdoor dining is simply synonymous with summer. Whether it’s an all-day beach BBQ with extended family or a simple picnic held in the local park or your backyard, kids adore dining alfresco.

If there’s no immediate access to a BBQ, investigate alternatives. Many parks and beaches across Canada offer community BBQs on a first-come-first-served basis. Check whether permits and cooking supplies are requiredbefore heading out. Or, for a mere $5 you can purchase a disposable charcoal BBQ from Lowe’s and some supermarkets. With one match, cooking heat lasts for up to two hours.


In Reno, NV attempting Veggies for the 1st time

2009-05-04 17:55:04 by mamabear72

I've decided I'm going to attempt growing Veggies. I'm in Sparks, NV outside Reno, zone 6. I've purchased my Jiffy peatmoss inside starter "greenhouse" and some seeds. The area in my backyard that gets all day sunshine is only about 15 ft by 10 ft so I'm starting small. I'm going to use a raised bed method with soil bought from a Rock co. here in Reno. I'll bulid a cedar box it at all possible to grow veggies in little kids hard plastic swimming pools? (If I drill drain holes in the bottom first)
Here is my seed list what I'm attempting to grow and would LOVE any ideas/tips on when/how to grow a nice bearing plant

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