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Posted on June 17, 2013 – 00:00

This week marks the first day of summer on Friday, June 21st. I’m sure we all have lots of summer activities lined up, but does your pet have anything going on beyond the everyday routine? Not only do fun activities liven up the day, but they also make fun photo opportunities.

Here is a list of some summer activities to try as the weather heats up.

Toys 'r Us

  • Dip paws in hard plastic baby pool (for pets that enjoy getting their paws wet)
  • Swimming in the big pool (for dogs that like to truly swim)
  • Water Sprinkler (for the dogs that like to ‘accidentally’ get soaked)
  • Frisbee Fetch
  • Cool treats (ice cubes with fruit, homemade ice cream, etc)
  • Play ball (you can hit a softer style ball and let your dog play outfielder to bring back the ball)
  • Invite a couple dogs over and have a dance off with the dogs and owners. Play some summer music (whether your song is ‘Summertime’ by Will Smith or a mix of Beach Boys songs) and have everyone show their moves! Serve up some tasty treats for the pets and people.
  • Visit a local dog park
  • Go for a hike or walk
  • Have a treasure hunt by hiding a few treats in the backyard and seeing if your dog can locate them
  • Head to the 4th of July Parade together
  • Camping Trip
  • Make or purchase a couple bandanas in fun summer prints for your pet to wear
  • Teach your dog a new game, like Treibball

Do you have any fun activities planned with your pet?

Hope that you and your pets have a safe and enjoyable summer.

As always, ensure that chosen activity is safe for the people and pets involved.

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In Reno, NV attempting Veggies for the 1st time

2009-05-04 17:55:04 by mamabear72

I've decided I'm going to attempt growing Veggies. I'm in Sparks, NV outside Reno, zone 6. I've purchased my Jiffy peatmoss inside starter "greenhouse" and some seeds. The area in my backyard that gets all day sunshine is only about 15 ft by 10 ft so I'm starting small. I'm going to use a raised bed method with soil bought from a Rock co. here in Reno. I'll bulid a cedar box it at all possible to grow veggies in little kids hard plastic swimming pools? (If I drill drain holes in the bottom first)
Here is my seed list what I'm attempting to grow and would LOVE any ideas/tips on when/how to grow a nice bearing plant

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