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Posted on March 2, 2014 – 06:34 pm

The Bone Pool!Made out of durable truck-bed liner and shaped like one of my favorite treats!<img src= " width="170" height="170"> " width="170" height="113"> I am a Labrador,and as such have a hard time resisting anything that resembles a body of water. Well,unless that body of water is a bath… Swimming is by far my favorite activity,my frisbee is a close second. The best,of course,is being able to combine the two! But since there’s not a lake within walking distance and my mom seems to have an aversion to being confined in a vehicle with what she calls ‘wet dog smell’ …it would be great to have a way to cool down on hot summer days. That led me to my most recent search – the best yard pools. There’s plenty out there of the inflatable kind,but since I have claws those don’t tend to last real long. Here are a few of my favorite plastic pools – great for pets,kids,and grown ups alike!!

The Bone Pool! Made out of durable truck-bed liner and shaped like one of my favorite treats!This pool is heavy duty AND portable.Collapses easily for storage or transportation.<img src= " width="170" height="170">

This pool is heavy duty AND portable. Collapses easily for storage or transportation.Yukon - pursuer of awesome

This cute pool is durable,but made for small or medium dogs. A great option for my cousins,but I might damage it before too long…

Happy hunting for your favorite pool! I hope you get to swim and chase your favorite toys this summer and STAY COOL!!!


Yukon – pursuer of awesome

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This cute pool is durable, but made for small or medium dogs. A great option for my cousins, but I might damage it before too long...


They do make bigger plastic pools

2011-03-26 17:20:44 by phrannie

Than the one you have in the pic. If you get a trough, you're going to have bury it some so the dog can get into it. They make hard plastic ones...50 gallon and 100 gallon...and they run $50 to $150. The 100 gallon one would probably be too deep.
I'd check for the large sized plastic pool like you have there at Walmart or's big enough for my dog lay down in, and he's 130 lbs.

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