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I am a new pool owner, having bought a house in forclosure. I have a Hayward Powerflo LX 1.5 hp. I was opening the pool, vacumming with the filter set to "waste out", turned off the pump and needed to add more water before backwashing the filter. Everything seemed to be working fine up to this point. I left the hose running into the pool and went to the store with my husband. The pool got too full and water was running out over and down the skimmer basket. Alot of water ran over the ground toward the recepticle/outlet that the pump plugs into. It is on a raised hard plastic platform (three or so inches off the ground), with the filter and pump beside it. There is a plastic cover over the recepticle. The next night, i attemped to turn on the pump to backwash and it didnt come on. Some water did splash onto the plastic base, because like a goof i tried to open the basket on the pump w/o draining it first and quickly put it back! The cover on the recepticle was closed. The pump basket was VERY full and emptied it. Pump still did not come on. No noise even, but water was rushing through it and out the waste hose from the filter. The light was on on the GFI so it was working, but i ran an extension cord from another working outlet just to make sure and the pump still didnt come on. i left the pump unplugged and looked for the solution online. Had i burnt up the pump by letting the basket get too full maybe?

I went outside tonight to get info from my pump about what kind it was and noticed that the outlet looked burnt up (black inside one of the outlets and a little of what looked and smelled like soot from smoke on the inside of the plastic cover. The breaker wasnt tripped.



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