Camp Mommy Rocks: Day 1: Here we are again

Posted on July 23, 2013 – 05:01
Here we are again, starting our 5th season of Camp Mommy Rocks. For newbies reading this blog: I have two weeks I spend with my boys, now 10 and 7, "winging it" at home during summer vacation. We use no electronics. Seriously. No TV, Computer, Wii, XBOX, Nintendo DS, iPad, iTouch, Samsung Tablet, Smartphone, or MP3 players....Zip.

Don't think I'm too saintly though. Camp hours are only 9-3pm, M-F.

My only exception is music we can listen as a group (no headphones) from the radio/iPod connected to speakers. Of course I will break out the contraband if there is some dire circumstance (usually an important errand or work activity that can't wait).

When I asked the boys what they wanted to do during camp this year, they mentioned fundraising. (Okay their words were something like, "we should sell stuff!!") There are some neighborhood kids up the road that sell lemonade/shaved ice on the side of the road. They loved the idea, but didn't want to sell drinks. I suggested a bake sale (the boys and I love to bake). They have been discussing this idea for awhile. They want to give some money to charity and keep some profits to purchase camp equipment/pay for outings. However, the boys were more ready to play than bake. Since it was hot, I didn't complain.

We started our camp day with Nerf guns.

This past year my boys have taken Nerf guns to another level. We have Nerf competitions in our neighborhood, Dads frequently joining in. I mentioned that instead of shooting each other, we should do some target practice. I grabbed our bowling pins and lined them up on a table in the basement. They loved it and now wanted to include it somehow into their bake sale. Buy a cookie and get a free game!

Then the boys moved on to light sabers. Light sabers are a favored activity of Camp Mommy Rocks in the past, it was fun to see it again. They asked me to video tape them sparring and quoting lines from Star Wars. My youngest had a dramatic death scene at the end, until we all starting laughing.

Bey blades was the next activity. Normally I let them bring their bey blades with them on our road trips, but I limited our stuff this year and so I wasn't suprised to see them out next. They missed it.

I got quite the eye rolling from my kids when I suggested making a fort. I guess they are too old for forts? Then I reminded them about making air tents and that seemed "okay". As you can see, they tucked a sheet between their two beds and we attached the sheet to the box fan with safety pins before turning it on. It makes this mushroom shaped fort that reminds me of the Dome in downtown Minneapolis. They only spent a few minutes in it though.
Finally out came the Pixos! My oldest used a template to make a castle.

One of my focuses for this year's camp is cooking. We just got a new microwave and each one of them warmed up their own lunches (I coached of course). After lunch we went to the store and bought two hard plastic kiddie pools (enough room for boys, friends and the dog). We can't do those cheapie blow up ones anymore. Our dog would just have too much fun breaking it. We also bough a fancy new sprinkler which we are saving for tomorrow. One of the neighborhood kids came over to play in the pools and shoot water guns.

We ended our camp day with root beer float ice cream bars. Yummy!


Where can I buy an inflatable pool for kids?

2006-05-14 11:42:20 by avidre@der

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