Putting it all Together (Eventually)

Posted on March 10, 2014 – 08:01 pm
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Putting it all Together (Eventually)

July 22, 2013

This summer I’m filling a fairly large, 10′x18′, not astronomical, space with mostly recycled material and a bit of good ol’ garbage. The purpose is pretty straightforward: to present the viewer with another view of the recycled materials and garbage collected by one guy, me, from their town. I’m building a playground, complete with child, hoping to inspire a contemplation of the future connotations of amassing so much in the way of plastic, aluminum, glass and paper, so much paper.

The material choice was simple, again, self-lending: junk. Then came the question of which variety of junk would prove most useful. I started with three actual, multi-use objects: a kiddy pool, a turtle-shaped sandbox and an old, slightly rusted, Red Flyer wagon. Later, I constructed a smallish swing-set out of cardboard and tape. With the idea of coating the objects and all of the space around and between said objects I was going to need a whole lot of something, or something that covered a good amount of surface area. I chose to use mixed paper as a base layer for the presentation. Secondly, as I mentioned in the last post, I knew I would be dealing with the elements having chosen to install the piece outdoors (the proper setting for a playground/park/backyard scene), and would need a method of installing the piece more efficiently in the final days of the summer. Measuring the space and then recreating the dimensions inside, pieced together a cardboard floor, or ground, which in turn was also covered in mixed paper. The reason being that any amount of objects can still be arranged, stacked, built up, scattered on top of this base layer of paper and the spaces between would still, to the eye, be comprised of waste/recyclables.

One problem I ran into, not being able to wholly rely on gravity, especially with the paper, was how I would get things to stay in place. I began with what you might think: Elmer’s glue. That proved to not really be strong enough when it came to holding thick packaging, that paper/cardboard hybrid used for most things, to a piece of hard, kiddy-pool/sandbox plastic or wagon. So, then I switched to clear tape, which of course is not entirely clear. Trying to hide that tape in nooks, or tucked under the main object was barely practical (and invisibility was important for me, shooting for the illusion that this world is in fact made of trash, in the biological sense), and in the end the tape wasn’t strong enough to hold the aforementioned packaging materials either. Super glue was expensive and overkill, though I gave it a go. Finally, I found and ultimately decided on an all-purpose aerosol adhesive that has worked much better, though still not entirely proficiently.

Plastic has proven to be a super, and therefore all the more terrible, or vice-versa, material immune to all sorts of manipulation save a good stomping. I said the aerosol adhesive worked better, but not perfectly. Well, its imperfections were most obvious when dealing with plastic, both the waste plastic and maybe even more-so with the durable, meant-to-last plastic of the kiddy pool and sandbox. I’m still working out the solutions when it comes to those two objects. It may well have to be strategically placed weights and anchors upon installation that produces the desired effects.

Source: billshultz.wordpress.com

Descriptions of people you may know!

2009-12-13 15:23:46 by filipino01

Some useful descriptions of people you may come into contact with from day to day.
1. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
2. Got into the gene pool while the lifeguard wasn't watching.
3. A room temperature IQ.
4. Got a full 6-pack, but lacks the plastic thingy to hold them together.
5. A photographic memory, but the lens cover is glued on.
6. A prime candidate for natural de-selection.
7. Bright as Alaska in December.
8. During evolution, his ancestors were in the control group.
9. Fell out of the family tree

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