Dog Play Ideas When It’s Hot Outside

Posted on July 10, 2012 – 00:00

Dog Play Ideas When It’s Hot Outside

It’s hot outside baby.

It is dangerously hot outside and your dog is driving you crazy. What in the world are you going to do? Here are a few activities to keep yourself and your pooch happy and cool in the heat.

Wet and Wild

What better way to spend a sweltering day than to splash around with your pooch. Kiddie pools are an inexpensive and fun solution to any hot day. I keep one filled with fresh water on my deck all throughout the summer.

Kiddie Pool Capers

Some dogs take to a kiddie pool right away while others are a bit hesitant. Simply throw a few of your dogs favorite toys in the pool filled with a few inches of water and let the dog test the water on his own. Go ahead and sit in the pool yourself and calmly have fun with the dog toys. If you are patient and do not force your puppy into the water,he will eventually jump in. Experiment with toys that float and toys that sink and play a game of fetch with a pile of different toys. My dog’s favorite toy in the pool is a big hard plastic ball he cannot fit his mouth around. He will kick it around like a soccer ball in the water for hours if we let him.

My dog also likes fishing for ice cubes in his pool of water.I am not sure if he likes crunching the ice cubes or pushing the floating objects down in the water with his paw more.

Filling the pool is often a fun game in itself for my dogs. Grom just loves biting the water as it comes out of the hose. Go ahead and set up some sprinklers in the yard and run through them with your pup. Splashing around on a hot day can be lots of fun!

Freezing Fun

Keeping an active dog calm even in hot weather can be quite a challenge. Sometimes our working dogs just don’t know when to stop putting them in danger of overheating and bloat. Why not combine the quiet-calm activity of bone chewing with a little bit of cooling joy? You can get really creative with different shapes of frozen treats. I like to freeze different sizes of ice cubes using rubber muffin tins,paper cups,rubber bunt cake molds,and more. Be sure to fill your mold with something delicious to chomp on. Ingredients may be:


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