Seven Steps to Install an Above Ground Swimming Pool

Posted on July 23, 2013 – 18:02
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You can have one of two options for your swimming pool: an in-ground swimming pool or an above-ground swimming pool. In-ground swimming pools are permanent constructions that require excavation of the area where you would like your pool, and usually requires professional installation. Above-ground swimming pools are more easily installed, and are usually cheaper and less permanent.

Above ground swimming pools are an easy option for many people, as they are cheaper and easier to install. They are relatively quick and easy to build. Constructed from pre-fabricated kits, it is possible for you to put your above-ground pool together by yourself; however most people opt to hire a professional to install their pool as this comes with a guarantee. Usually it is best to compare several quotes for prices of above-ground installation with professionals.

  1. First the ground would be leveled to provide a flat building platform.
  2. Then the supports for the outer wall would be constructed (these supports are usually made from metal, wood or hard plastic and come with the kit).
  3. Next the plumbing would be installed.
  4. The vinyl liner is laid over the pool walls.
  5. It is secured into place and then the pool can be filled.
  6. Once the pool is filled, the pump and filter can be fitted.
  7. Once the water balance is checked, the pool is ready for swimming.

There are basically two types of above ground swimming pool; hard sided pools and soft sided inflatable pools.

These are available in a variety of size and depth. Usually these are round or oval shaped, and have a sheet-metal edge. They generally have a metal frame, and are difficult to construct.

Soft-sided pools are becoming more popular recently. These pools are also available in a variety of size and depth, and can come in round, oval or rectangular shapes. These pools are more convenient as unlike the hard-sided pools they can be placed on any surface (sand, dirt, grass or concrete), they are strong and durable and are usually cheaper. Soft sided swimming pools are much easier to construct, and can be installed in a couple of hours. These new inflatable pools have very durable liner, which has greatly reduced the risk of puncture.

Both the hard sided pools and the soft sided pools require filters, pumps and ladders. The filter will keep the above ground pool clean, the pump will circulate water around the pool, and a ladder makes sure that people can safely enter and exit the pool. In addition to this, you may want to add other accessories or pool equipment that may make your pool more enjoyable. Automatic pool cleaners are a very handy way to ensure the pool is cleaned daily. Automatic chlorinators ensure that the water balance of your pool is correct.


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