Little Tikes Pool with Slide

Posted on September 6, 2013 – 01:53 am
Manley Toys Slide 'N Splash Alligator Pool Reviews | Buzzillions

Hard-plastic Little Tikes Pool with built-in curvy slide. It's 6 feet long, 53" wide, and 12" deep. Clean fun! Ages 1and up. $30.

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Where can I buy an inflatable pool for kids?

2006-05-14 11:42:20 by avidre@der

I am actually having a hard time with this silly purchase. My in laws want to have a small inflatable pool at their house for our son to play in. I thought Target would be the obvious place to go, but I haven't seen any there. Anyone have a rec on where to buy either an inflatable or plastic pool? Thanks.

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