How does your dog stay cool in the summer?

Posted on September 28, 2013 – 09:36 am
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How does your dog stay cool in the summer?

I have heard of a lot of dogs dieing these days from heat stroke and just wondered how your dog says cool. I keep a kiddie pool in his outdoor kennel and change the outdoor water 3-4 times with 2 slivers of ice. Inside i just keep his water cool.How does your dog stay cool in the summer?Here's some things i do to keep my dog cool!Fresh Water and Shade

These are the two most important things a dog who spents any amount of time outside needs. Dogs dehydrate very quickly in the summer sun, so be sure to refill a large water dish often throughout the day. Even if your yard is well-shaded naturally, you will still need to erect some sort of shelter from the heat. Choose a spot that in the shade, or in an area that isn't under direct sunlight. Make sure it is large enough for air to pass freely through it.

Molded Plastic Pools and Sprinklers

These are great for cooling hot dogs off in the heat. Fill the pool up in a shaded area to keep the water from heating. Be sure and change the water often as well, to prevent mosquito larvae from taking up residence. The best size for a plastic pool is about eight to twelve inches (for larger dogs), less for short dogs. Make sure your dog is supervised at all times, and that a smaller dog can easily get in and out of the pool.

Sunscreen for pets

Dogs and cats can get sunburned, especially on the ears and nose, and they can get skin cancer just like people. Sport-type sunscreens should do because they’re more waterproof. Apply sunscreen to the ears and nose, the tender belly if your pet likes to lie on its back, and to the entire body if you have a short-haired, light-colored dog such as a white boxer or bull terrier. You can use spray-on sunscreen for the body, but remember to use plenty of it for thorough coverage.

Offer a lot of water

Be sure your pet always has access to fresh water, especially if you’re spending the day hiking or at the beach. You can consider adding ice cubes to water so that it stays cold longer, but don't flip your pooch a piece of ice to chew as a treat since it can break teeth.

Consider shaving

Should you shave your dog to help it keep cool? Golden-retriever owner and former professional dog groomer Virginia Parker Guidry of Spring Valley, Calif., says there are pros and cons.

“A lot of people have their dogs shaved in the summer, but I’m not entirely convinced it keeps the dog cooler, ” she says. “The coat does insulate and it protects against sunburn, though I imagine it must be somewhat cooler when it’s shaved. It certainly makes the owners feel better, and it’s easier to care for, especially if the dog is in and out of the swimming pool, going to the beach or going camping.”

Because shaving the coat makes the dog more vulnerable to sunburn, Guidry recommends limiting the amount of time the dog spends in direct sun and applying sunscreen.

Nelson says shaving a pet's coat can help prevent mats, make them more comfortable in the heat and makes it easier to spot pesky fleas and ticks.How does your dog stay cool in the summer?it depends. what kind of dog is it?How does your dog stay cool in the summer?I like to mount icepacks on its back...How does your dog stay cool in the summer?depends,


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