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Gorilla Playsets Infant Swing Description :

  • Get your little one outside to enjoy his or her first swing safe inside the Gorilla Playsets Infant Swing. This safety swing is a great addition to your Gorilla Playset. It has a hard plastic,high back with safety harness,adjustable seat belt,and rope to hang it. It is vibrant green with bright yellow harness and is a fun way to introduce baby to the wonders of play.Gorilla Playsets Infant SwingAbout Gorilla Playsets Gorilla Playsets are made of quality materials with your child’s safety in mind. Gorrila Playsets is an industry leader in safety and innovation. Premium lumber,maintenance-free poly coated wood beams,and heavy-duty hardware ensure your playset is durable enough to last throughout the years. Safety features like angled ladders with flat,wide steps ensure Gorilla Playsets meet all ASTM standards and specifications. Gorilla Playsets are easy to assemble and all include a 3-D illustrated manual to help. Hard plastic seat and harness. Measures: 11L x 15W x 21H inches. Green back with bright yellow harness. Includes mounting rope and adjustable safety seat belt. Easy to assemble.

Gorilla Playsets Infant Swing Features :

  • Hard plastic seat and harness
  • Measures: 11L x 15W x 21H inches
  • Green back with bright yellow harness
  • Includes mounting rope and adjustable safety seat belt
  • Easy to assemble
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Help with baby pool

2009-07-12 07:21:04 by Shar-peiLover

I have one of those hard plastic baby pools. It has a small hole in it. About the size of half a pencil lead.
Any way I can plug it? Duct tape? I thought of trying to melt some plastic and try to "fuse" it shut. Just don't want to spend $ for another one and that's a lot of plastic to throw out!
Thanks for any suggestions

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Gorilla Playsets Gorilla Playsets Infant Swing
Toy (Gorilla Playsets)
  • Hard plastic seat and harness
  • Measures: 11L x 15W x 21H inches
  • Green back with bright yellow harness
  • Includes mounting rope and adjustable safety seat belt
  • Easy to assemble

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