Repurpose A Kids Tent Into A Sandbox

Posted on June 19, 2013 – 00:00

I'm not gonna lie, I'm feeling pretty smug right now. Finally a cool repurposing idea that's NOT "Pinterest-inspired", that I came up with all by myself! My brilliant idea was to turn a kids pup tent (pup tent? pop tent?) into a sandbox. You see, we have a fenced-in pool and lots of concrete in our back yard, so I wanted to spruce things up for baby #3 - a water table, a basketball hoop, maybe a slide or a playhouse, and now a sandbox.
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Sandboxes are ridiculously expensive, in my opinion. Even the cheapies at WalMart are around $30, not to mention the cost of the sand. I was looking for an old school hard plastic kiddie pool, or a small inflatable one would have done fine, but then I realized that this tent that my daughter used to use as a clubhouse was just the thing!

And it's actually better than a sandbox because you can zip it closed to keep cat doody out...

And it provides a shady spot to play!

Our tent is roughly 4x5 feet, and we bought 5 bags of sand at WalMart for $3.88 each. And of course we needed a pail and some new shovels to celebrate.


Help with baby pool

2009-07-12 07:21:04 by Shar-peiLover

I have one of those hard plastic baby pools. It has a small hole in it. About the size of half a pencil lead.
Any way I can plug it? Duct tape? I thought of trying to melt some plastic and try to "fuse" it shut. Just don't want to spend $ for another one and that's a lot of plastic to throw out!
Thanks for any suggestions

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