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Posted on October 2, 2013 – 12:05 pm
American Boudica: 100 Degrees Fahrenheit (39.77c) and Ready to Rant

Mandy asksâ€How much are the round hard plastic kids swimming pools from walmart or target?I'm talking about just the basic, blue, hard, plastic pools that come in a few different sizes. They're normally out in the garden section or at the front of the store. For some reason the two stores don't list them on their website. :( Anyone remember seeing the prices? Thanks!first last answers:At Walkmart you can get one for about $30, I'm not sure how much they are at Target though.Powered by Yahoo!Read more ...


Where do you bathe her?

2008-09-24 07:44:27 by katmom529

Dakota won't set foot in a bathroom, she hasn't since we got her at 6 months old. She weighs 68 pounds now and there is no way my preg arse is dragging her in there!!
If it's warm enough, just get one of those hard plastic kiddie pools and do it outside. That's what we have to do for Koda; she will chase the spray from our hose nozzle for HOURS, so we wet her down good then get her into the pool and soap her down. We let her out and spray her down to rinse her. Done, not one bit of struggle!! LOL

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