Best Above Ground Swimming Pool

Posted on October 12, 2013 – 02:59 pm

Susie Jun10

Learn everything you need to know about swimming pools with Backyard Ocean’s “Pool Buying Guide.” This latest series from our specialist, Clint Borrill, provides you with valuable information and facts to help you choose the ideal pool for your home.

An above ground pool has many of the benefits of in-ground pools without any of the hassles involved.Ring pool It’s cheaper, it’s easy to set up, and maintaining doesn’t cost much.Above Ground Pool by Trevhunter (CC BY-NC) Finally, it doesn’t need a big space.swim-ring-84625_640 But buying a pool is still an investment, and it’s not an easy decision. There’s a lot to consider besides pool prices.

To start, there are three types of above-ground pools to choose from:

  • Ring pools
  • Frame pools
  • Hard-sided pools

Here’s a quick rundown on the differences between these pools:

Ring Pools Frame Pools Hard-Sided Pools
Size 5 feet to 20 feet 12 feet to 24 feet 12 feet to 36 feet
Cost $40 to $600 $200 to $1200 $1200 to $6000
Material Vinyl Vinyl or plastic walls/steel frames Steel, aluminum, or resin
Years of Use 2 to 4 years 5 to 7 years 15 to 20 years, 30 years if with pool liner
Setup Time 1 hour for inflation, 2 to 4 hours for water fill-up 1 to 2 hours for ring set-up, 2 to 6 hours for water fill-up 8 to 12 hours for pool set-up, 8 to 12 hours for water fill-up
Storage Can be disassembled and stored easily when unused Can be disassembled and stored easily when unused Permanent but durable enough to resist sudden weather changes
Target Market Small to medium-sized homes Medium-sized to large homes Large homes

In this pool guide, I’ll walk you through each pool’s pros and cons to show you how to buy a pool that suits your family’s needs. I’ll also include some of my current top picks.


Where do you bathe her?

2008-09-24 07:44:27 by katmom529

Dakota won't set foot in a bathroom, she hasn't since we got her at 6 months old. She weighs 68 pounds now and there is no way my preg arse is dragging her in there!!
If it's warm enough, just get one of those hard plastic kiddie pools and do it outside. That's what we have to do for Koda; she will chase the spray from our hose nozzle for HOURS, so we wet her down good then get her into the pool and soap her down. We let her out and spray her down to rinse her. Done, not one bit of struggle!! LOL

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